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The Financial Times' Gillian Tett Calls for Cutting Through the "Data Fog"
In the Financial Times of Friday, 9th March, Gillian Tett writes: If Greece were to descend into disorderly default, how big wo...
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Overcoming the digital tsnami in e-discovery

Start Date: 2011-05-03 | End Date: 2016-05-03

Project Description:

New technologies are generating potentially discoverable evidence in electronic form in ever increasing volumes.  As a result, traditional techniques of document search and retrieval in pursuit of electronic discovery in litigation are becoming less viable.  One potential new technological solution to the e-discovery search and retrieval challenge is Visual Analysis (VA).  VA is a technology that combines the computational power of the computer with graphical representations of large datasets to enable interactive analytic capabilities. This research provides an overview of VA technology and how it is being applied in the analysis of e-mail and other electronic documents in the field of e-discovery, as well as discussing several challenges and limitations of the technology.  The research concludes that VA has the potential to overcome some of the limitations of current search and retrieval techniques, but that addressing the digital tsunami is more likely to be achieved by using VA in combination with other search and retrieval technologies in the context of creating an effective data governance program. For more information, see the article Lemieux, Victoria L., and Jason R. Baron. “Overcoming the Digital Tsunami in e-Discovery: Is Visual Analysis the Answer?” The Canadian Journal of Law and Technology Spring/Summer 2011, pp.31-48.


 Figure 1 (copyright CiFER Research 2010)

 Figure 1

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Figure 3

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Principal Investigator: Victoria L. Lemieux

Research Assistants(s): Rebecca Martens

Funded by:N/A