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How bitcoin could make back-office banking more rock ’n’ roll
  Daniel Davies -- Electronic currency can help standardise securities settlements, writes Daniel Davies Read the full art...
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 Initial research will focus on contributing to the research of two complementary research projects led by Dr. Luciana Duranti:

   1.   The International Research on Permanent Authentic Records in Electronic Systems (InterPARES), which aims at developing the knowledge essential to the long-term preservation of authentic records created and/or maintained in digital form and providing the basis for standards, policies, strategies and plans of action capable of ensuring the longevity of such material and the ability of its users to trust its authenticity. 

The Digital Records Forensics Project, which aims at developing concepts and methods that will allow the records management, archival, legal, judicial, and law enforcement professions to recognize records among all kinds of digital objects produced by digital technologies once they have been removed from the original system; concepts and methods for determining the authenticity of records no longer in the original system and/or in the original format; methods for maintaining records acquired from crime scenes or created by police to pursue crime over the long term so that their authenticity will not be questioned; the theoretical and methodological content of a new discipline, called "Digital Records Forensics", resulting from an integration of Archival Diplomatics, Computer Forensics and the Law of Evidence with the project's newly developed knowledge.