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The FX Trading Report


The SEC and Destruction of Documents: A Call for Standardization

  • The Financial Times recently reported that the SEC may have destroyed over 9,000 documents related to the legal investigations of various financial groups, including SAC Capital, Bernard Madoff and Goldman Sachs. Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) is quoted as saying “If these charges are true, the agency needs to explain why it destroyed documents, how many documents it

How bitcoin could make back-office banking more rock ’n’ roll

  •   Daniel Davies -- Electronic currency can help standardise securities settlements, writes Daniel Davies Read the full article at:    

Lehman, the financial crash, and the making of history

  •   Archivists typically select around 5 per cent of organisational records, such as board minutes, public statements and strategy papers, for long-termpreservation, according to Vicki Lemieux, an associate professor in arc...

Folksonomy Can Help Financial Firms Improve Productivity and Service - Iron Mountain Blog

  •   A folksonomy can bolster productivity and information findability at financial firms. One primary focus regarding customer data and information management for financial firms is the ability to retrieve relevant information in a ti...