The goal of this research stream is to consolidate the research of the other four streams into practical solutions, standards, policies, strategies and actions to address real business problems faced by financial institutions
Initial research will focus on benchmarking "what good looks like" in respect to the management of records in the financial services industry and contributing to the work of developing a UK standard for the management of financial records in partnership with the JWG-IT Forum. The aim will be to collaborate with a number of financial institutions operating in the UK, UK-based industry forums, and the UK financial services authority (FSA) to develop a "sturdy breakwater," the FSA's term for industry guidance on best practice in a particular area that has been through a formal FSA confirmation process and offers certain protections to financial institutions against FSA action.

Other areas of research will focus on:
  1. Risk-based approaches to managing records in financial institutions
  2. Developing metrics for records management programs in financial institutions
  3. Towards a descriptive standard for financial electronic records